20. IN BROKEN IMAGES (Robert Graves)

2o. IN BROKEN IMAGES (Robert Graves)

CONTEXT: In this poem, the poet tells us the importance of spirit of inquiry. He advises us that we should not believe a thing without doubting its reality. If this spirit of inquiry is stopped, the process of learning is stopped. In the end, such a person suffers a lot.

EXPLANATION: LINES 1 TO 8: In these lines, the poet tells us that there are two kinds of persons. The first type of a person has great understanding of life. He accepts an idea without doubting anything. He does not gain any knowledge and wisdom. While, the other type of person doubts everything.   He does not believe a thing without doubting.   He is slow in formulating the new ideas. However, the second man gains much knowledge, though his ideas are broken.

EXPLANATION: LINES 9 TO 14: In these lines, the poet says that we should not believe a thing without proof. When a person formulates his ideas without any proof, he cuts a sorry figure in the end. He must verify everything. This is the only way with which he can get knowledge. The other person is not very talented but he has the spirit of inquiry. He formulates his own ideas. Although his ideas are broken, yet he learns a lot. He becomes very sharp. He can trust his senses.

Short Questions

Q.NO.1: Who has written this poem?

Answer: This poem has been written by Robert Graves.

Q.NO.2: What is the theme of the poem? OR What is the central idea of the poem? OR What is the state of two persons, one who trusts clear images and the other who mistrusts the broken images? (BWP-07, MUL-10, 12, GW-12)

Answer: The main theme of the poem is that we must disbelieve a thing before we believe it. A person who remains inquisitive about the images of life, is always ready to learn something new. However, the person who trusts his clear images becomes dull in life.

Q.NO.3: Why does a person question his senses when the facts fail him? (GW, DGK-10)

Answer: If a person who lives in his own world and depends on his own ideas, may fail because life has no regularity. The ideas of the people around him will definitely be different from him.  So, when the facts fail him, he questions his senses.

Q.NO.4: Who is in a new confusion of his understanding? (RWP-10, SAR-11)

Answer: A person, who depends on his ideas, when finds the other people with different ideas is always in confusion of his understanding.