11. I Have a Dream


Q.No.1: What was the cause of Negro’s discontentment?        

Answer: The Negroes were discontented because they were treated like slaves. They had no rights. They were faced with injustice and cruelty.

Q.NO.2. What are the qualities of the veterans of creative suffering?

Answer: They are brave people. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for their country. They are ready to fight against the oppressing system.

Q.NO.3. What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr?   

Answer: He dreams that one day all the races will remove the differences of colour and creed and display brotherhood.

Q.NO.4. What should he the faith of Negroes?         

Answer: They should believe that their suffering would be fruitful at last. They should think that soon their worries will be over.

Q.NO.5. What was the necessity of pleading the case of Negroes freedom?

Answer: It was necessary to plead the case of the Negroes because they were treated like slaves. They had no rights. They were faced with police brutality.

Q.NO.6. What should be the criterion of judgment for a person?

Answer: The criterion of judgment of a person should be his character not the colour of his skin. It should be his ability not his connections.

Q.NO.7. Do the Negroes enjoy liberty in all parts of the country?

Answer: In the past, they did not enjoy freedom in all parts of the country. But, now they have equal rights in all parts of the world.

Q.NO.8. From which part of the country the Negroes gathered there?

Answer: The   Negroes   gathered   there   from Alabama,   South   Carolina,   and Georgia and from all the parts of the country.

Q.NO.9. Write down the songs in your own words?     

Answer: According to the song, this land, America is a very sweet land of liberty. It is the land of Martin Luther’s ancestors. It is the land of pilgrim’s pride. He wants to see equality and freedom in every part of the land.

Q.No.10: What is the effect of the repetition of words?              

Answer: Repetition of words stresses the main idea. It has a great effect. It causes the feelings of sympathy in the mind of the reader.