2. Hitch-Hiking Across The Sahara by (G.F. Lamb)


Questions & Answers (Based on Exercise)

Q.No.1: Give an idea of the size of the Sahara. How does it compare with England?

Answer: The Sahara is a very large desert.It stretches almost the complete width of North Africa. If England is put in the middle of Sahara, it would be difficult to find it.   

Q.No.2: What had Christopher’s foster mother to do with his desire to see distant places? OR Why did Christopher undertake the expedition to cross the Sahara?                        

Answer: His foster mother threatened him to send him to Timbuktu for his naughty behaviour. It did not terrify him. Rather, it fostered interest in him to visit distant places.

Q.No.3: How did he manage to get a seat in the weapon’s carrier?         

Answer: Christopher showed lieutenant a permit issued by Ministry. It was actually a cancelled permit. The officer could not see it and allowed him to travel with him.

Q.No.4: What was the most noticeable feature of the desert city, named Ghardaia? OR What were Christopher’s impressions about the town of Ghardaia? OR How did children look in Ghardaia?

Answer: Ghardaia was a desert city. Its most noticeable feature was the abundance of flies. Everything was covered with the flies. Children seemed to wear the mask of flies. 

Q.No.5: How did they manage to drive the heavy truck in the trackless desert at soft sand?        

Answer: They placed 10 feet strips of steel mesh together on the sand before the wheels. It became a runway for them to reach the harder ground.

Q.No.6: What did the driver of the truck tell Christopher about three Englishman who had attempted to cross the desert?                              

Answer: The driver told him that their car had struck in a sand dune. After three days, their corpses were found. They had drunk water from radiator.

Q.No.7: Give an account of the little town named El-Golea and compare it with In-Salah, bringing the difference between the two.                                

Answer: El-Golea was an oasis. There was abundance of water and greenery. On the other hand, In Salah had no water and greenery. It was also very hot there.

Q.No.8: What do you know of Professor Claude Balanguernon? How did he save the hero’s life towards the end of hitch-hike?                                       

Answer: Professor Claude Balanguernon, a Frenchman had devoted his life to teaching Tuareg people. When he did not find Christopher in Agades, he reached Abbangarit and saved him.

Q.No.9: Describe the events leading to the killing of a camel. What sort of water did they get?

Answer: When they did not find water anywhere, they killed a camel. They took out fluid like thin blood coming out of its stomach and drank it.

Q.No.10: Describe the journey through the land of Thirst and Death.             

Answer: Here, Christopher had to face a sand storm. He hid behind a camel to avoid its severity but the grains of sand touched his body like needles.

Q.No.11: Describe the stay at In- Abbangarit. How did Christopher manage to get water there?

Answer: In In-Abbangarit, he used a small metal teapot as a container. He made seven strands of wire, twisted them together, made a line and withdrew water from the well.


Q.No.1: What one of the worst experiences did Christopher suffer at the suggestion of Behemed? (FB-2009)        

Answer: On his advice, Christopher drank water mixed with wine. He suffered from high fever and lost his senses. His friends brought him round by giving treatment.

Q.No.2: Why did Christopher like El-Golia? (FB-2009)          

Answer: He liked El-Golia because it was an oasis. It had abundance of water and greenery. He took bath in a little pool. This pool was surrounded by fruit and palm trees. 

Q.No.3: Where is Timbuktu situated? (FB-2013)                              

Answer: It is an ancient city situated in the heart of French Africa.   It is close to the river Niger in the extreme south of Sahara.             

Q.No.3: What is Hitch-Hiking?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Answer: Hitch-hiking means to travel by getting free lifts from passing vehicles.