HEMINGWAY’S KNOWLEDGE OF FISHING AND THE SEA (The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway)


Q. Write some useful information about fishing as is provided in the novel. OR Discuss Hemingway’s knowledge of fishing and the sea.

Answer:Hemingway was himself a fisherman. He was a perfect fisherman. His knowledge about fishing and the sea was very sound and perfect. The hero of the novel, Santiago is a true reflection of Hemingway. Here we can learn his knowledge of fishing and the sea from the old man. Santiago knows almost all kinds of fish found in the Gulf Stream where he fishes. He also knows different kinds of the sharks.

         The old man also tells us how a fish behaves when it is caught. He also gives us the details of fishing equipment like harpoon, gaff, club, coils, sail and mast. Further, he gives us informative aspect about fishing. He tells that it is easy to become a fisherman for anyone in the month of May because the fish are in abundance in this month. Similarly, he tells us about the winds that blow. He also tells us about the months of storms and the currents of the sea.

        In short, this novel proves that Hemingway has great knowledge of fishing and the sea.                                                                                                                         (Words: 176)