15. HE CAME TO KNOW HIMSELF (Sachal Sarmast)

15. HE CAME TO KNOW HIMSELF (Sachal Sarmast)

CONTEXT: In this poem the poet says that when a person starts loving God, he is blessed by God’s love. Everything of the world loses its charm for that man. God sends His lovers on the earth. He in the guise of these lovers sometimes comes on the earth. We should inculcate the love of God in our hearts.

EXPLANATION: LINES 1 TO 4: In these lines the poet says that God has created the world to know Himself. He inculcated the spirit of love in human beings. This love with Allah should be the ruling passion of the universe. When a person falls in love with God, he is bestowed with God’s love. His heart is filled with great spiritual light. He avoids worldly charms. He thinks of his soul in which love of God has taken firm roots.

EXPLANATION: LINES 5 TO 10: In these lines the poet says that the people, who love God, are ready to do anything to win God’s pleasure. The poet gives the example of Mansur who fell in love with God and his love overpowered him. He was so deeply involved in God’s love that he started saying “I am God.” He ignored everything and preferred death to worldly affairs only in the love of God. Then there is another example of Hazrat Yousaf who was ready to sell himself as a slave in the streets of Egypt.

EXPLANATION: LINES 11 TO 12: In these lines the poet tells us about the temporary stay of a man. He says that this world is a reflection of God. Human beings are mortal. They are to leave this world sooner or later. Love is the only force with which two souls can be united. This is the philosophy of mysticism. This is the truth that the poet always speaks.

Short Questions

Q.NO.1: Who has written this poem?

Answer: Sachal Sarmast has written this poem “He Came to Know Himself.”

Q.NO.2: What is the theme of the poem? OR Write a critical note on the poem. OR What is the central idea of the poem? OR Why does the poet emphasize on how to know himself? ((GWL-09

Answer: The poet emphasizes the idea that a man must know why he has been created. If he knows the purpose of his creation, he will surely recognize his Creator.

Q.NO.3: What makes one entangled in love? (AJK-11)

Answer: Self realization makes a person entangled in love.  When he knows his self, he starts to love God.

Q.NO.4: Why did Mansur mount the gallows? (MUL-09, GWL, FSD-10, SAR-11, BWP-07,09,12, LHR, AJK-12)

Answer: Mansur called himself God but the people misunderstood him. That’s why, they got ready to kill Mansur but he also surrendered himself happily to get his head cut off on the gallows.

Q.NO.5: What is the bare truth? (MUL-10)

Answer: The bare truth is that man’s stay is temporary in this world. He is to die sooner or later because man is mortal. So, he must love God.