Important Questions of Short Stories

1. Short Stories (BA) Important Questions
1. Discuss the lawlessness in American society. (The Killers)
2. Rappaccini is scientist who cares more for science than for mankind. 
                                                                                            (Rappaccini’s Daughter)      V.IMP
3. What were the expectations of Ustad Mangu and how was he disillusioned?
                                                                                                          (The New Constitution)      V.IMP
4. Discuss the theme of the story “Breakfast.”                                                                V.IMP
5. What is the theme of the story “Take Pity?” OR Draw the character sketch of Eva.   V.IMP
6. Draw the character sketch of the Happy Prince.                                                    V.IMP
7. What is the role of the swallow in the story “The Happy Prince?”                        V.IMP
8. Discuss “The Tell-Tale Heart” as a story full of suspense and horror.
9. How was the murderer caught? OR Was the murderer a psychological case or totally a mad person?
10. “The Necklace” is the story of a vain and showy woman.                                       V.IMP
11. “The Duchess and the Jeweller” is the mirror to its age.
12. The Duchess is more loathsome than the jeweler.