Important Questions The Old Man & The Sea

2. The Old Man and the Sea (Important Questions)
1. Discuss Santiago’s search for fish.                             V.IMP
2. Discuss Santiago’s struggle to catch the fish.              V.IMP
3. Discuss Santiago’s struggle against the sharks.          V.IMP
4. Discuss the role of Manolin.                                      V.IMP
5. Discuss the importance of hand game in the novel.
6. Discuss the role of DiMaggio.                                               V.IMP
7. Was Santiago a superstitious person?
8. What is the role of the sea in the novel?                                 V.IMP
9. Discuss major themes in the novel.                                        V.IMP
10. Discuss Santiago’s physical appearance.                             V.IMP
11. Discuss Santiago as a strange person.
12. Discuss Santiago’s poverty.