Guess Modern Essays B.A.

Modern Essays (Important Questions)
1. What were the circumstances which led to the creation of Pakistan?                                                                                                                            V.IMP(Pakistan and the Modern World)
2. Discuss the problems of Pakistan after independence.       (Pakistan and the Modern World)
3. Discuss the writer as a lover of nature.                             (Whistling of Birds)             V.IMP
4. What were the feelings of Gloria when she was in space?          (Take the Plunge)     V.IMP
5. Discuss the scene of destruction. OR What is the theme of the essay “Nagasaki August 9, 1945?                                                                                                               V.IMP
6. Draw the character sketch of the writer’s grandfather.                                 V.IMP
7. Discuss the tailor as immortal character.                                                         V.IMP
8. What are the major reasons of increase in trend towards beauty?
9. The campaign for physical beauty is a success as well as a failure.
10. Doctoring is an art not a science. Discuss.
11. What are the main problems of a bachelor?                                                  V.IMP
12. What are E.M.Foster’s views on tolerance?                                                  V.IMP
13. Define vitamins. What role do they play in the health of a man?              V.IMP