Important Poems B.A.

Important Poems
These are the poems which have been included in the paper again and again.
At least eight poems are included in the paper. Three poems are included in form of three stanzas and five questions from 5 different poems are asked in the paper.
1.     Leisure                          
2.     Tartary                                                       V.IMP
3.     New Year Resolutions                               V.IMP
4.     The Rebel                                                   V.IMP
5.     Patriot into Traitor                                      V.IMP
6.     One Art
7.     The Solitary Reaper                                   V.IMP
8.     All the World’s A Stage                             V.IMP
9.     Departure and Arrival                                V.IMP
10.                        Lights Out                                                  V.IMP
11.                        After Apple Picking                                    V.IMP
12.                        When I Have Fears                                     V.IMP
13.                        Say This City Has Ten Million Souls                   V.IMP
14.                        Politics