Chapter Number 14 (GOOD-BYE MR. CHIPS)

                               CHAPTER # 14

Q.No.1: What did Chips feel when he rejoined school?

Answer: After rejoining school, he was very happy and excited. He found himself fit for Brookfield. He also realized that he was part and parcel of Brookfield.

Q.NO.2:  What duties did Chips perform after rejoining the school?

Answer: He taught the old lessons in Latin and Greek. After the death of Mr. Chatteris , he also worked as an acting head. He also heard the complaints of the students.

Q.No.3: Why did Chips not want to be the official head of Brookfield?

Answer: Chips did not want to be official head of Brookfield because he thought that he was too old to perform the duties properly and honestly.

Q.NO.4: When did Chatteris fall ill and when did he die?

Answer: Chatteris fell ill during winter of 1917. He died in April, 1917.

Q.No.5: Why was Chips called “Pre-war?” OR What did Chips say about the bayonet practice?

Answer: Chips was against bayonet practice. He thought that it was a mean way of killing of the people. This was the idea because of which he was called pre-war.