Chapter Number 13 (GOOD-BYE MR. CHIPS)

                          CHAPTER # 13

Q.NO.1: Who was the smallest boy at Brookfield? OR When was Forrester killed? OR Who was Forrester?

Answer: Forrester was the smallest boy at Brookfield. He was about four feet high. Chips made fun of his height. Chips said if he was going to join army. He was killed in1918 at Cambrai.     

Q.NO. 2: When and why did Chips join school again?

Answer: In July 1916, Mr. Chips decided to join school again on the request of Mr. Chatteris who was worried due to his health and the attitude of other masters.

Q.NO.3: What was the contribution of Brookfield during World-War-I? OR What services did Brookfield render during the First World War?  

Answer: Its grounds were used for sports and training centers. Its students loaded motor-vans with food stuffs for the needy. Many teachers and students participated in the war.