Chapter Number 11 (GOOD-BYE MR.CHIPS)

                       CHAPTER # 11

Q.NO.1: Why did Ralston not like Chips? OR Ralston and Chips are studies in contrast.                   

Answer: Ralston disliked Chips because Ralston knew new methods of teaching. However, Chips was not aware of these methods. He also showed poor results. 

Q.NO.2: What did Ralston ask Chips to do and what was Chips’ response? 

Answer: Ralston asked Chips to resign. However, Chips got angry and refused to resign. He asked Ralston to do what he liked to do.

Q.NO.3: What charges did Ralston bring against Chips?

Answer: Ralston said that Chips’ gown was a source of amusement for the students. His method of teaching was old fashioned. He always showed poor results.

Q.NO.4: When did the row between Ralston and Chips take place?

Answer: The row between Ralston and Chips took place in 1908.

Q.NO.5: How did the people of the town come to know about the quarrel?

Answer: A small boy standing outside the head master’s office heard hot discussion between them. He told the other boys. In this way, the news spread like wild fire.

Q.NO.6:  What was the reaction of the parents at this quarrel?  OR What was the reaction of school administration?     

Answer: The students, their parents, the staff and the administration supported Chips. Sir.John Rivers asked Chips to remain teacher at Brookfield as long as he desired.

Q.NO.7: When did Ralston leave Brookfield?  OR What did Ralston do afterwards?

Answer: Having faced a revolt from the students, their parents and the staff, he had not the courage to stay there. He left Brookfield in 1911 and joined another school.

Q.No.8: Who was John Rivers? What role did he play to settle the dispute between Ralston and Chips?   

Answer: John Rivers was the Chairman of Governors. When he visited the school, he asked Chips to remain at Brookfield as long as he desired.