Chapter Number 10 (GOOD-BYE MR.CHIPS)


Q.No.1: Write a note on Mr. Meldrum. OR Who was Meldrum and how long did he serve the school?

Answer: In 1870, after the death of Wetherby, Mr. Meldrum joined Brookfield as the head of school. He served the school for thirty years and died in 1900 due to pneumonia.

Q.NO.2: Who became the acting head after the death of Mr. Meldrum? OR Why was Chips not made the permanent head master after the death of Mr. Meldrum?

Answer: Mr. Chips became the Acting Head after the death of Mr. Meldrum. However, he was not made the permanent head master because he was not aware of the modern methods of teaching.

Q.NO.3: Who was appointed the new head master of the school after the death of Meldrum? 

Answer: Mr. Ralston was appointed the new head master of the school.

Q.NO.4: Write a note on Ralston.                                             

Answer: Ralston was a young man of 37. He was a man of great qualification. He knew new methods of teaching. He wanted to upgrade Brookfield school. 

Q.No.5: What role did the boys and teachers at Brookfield play when the railway men went on strike?

Answer: When the railway men went on strike, the teachers and the students of Brookfield maintained the supply line and protected the private and government property.      

Q.No.6: Who was Cricklade and what did he ask Chips?

Answer: Cricklade was an old Brookfieldian. During the strike, he was also protecting the railway line. He asked Chips what to do if they met any striker.

Q.NO.7: What did Chips remember about the Diamond Jubilee? OR Where did Chips and Katherine go to celebrate their marriage?

Answer: The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated for Queen Victoria in 1897. There was holiday at school. So, Chips took Katherine to   see   procession.   They   saw   the   legendary   lady   sitting   like something crumbling doll in the carriage.

Q.No.8: What was the final news about Grayson’s father? OR Who was Grayson? 

Answer: Grayson was one of Chips’ pupils. His father had sailed on Titanic. It sank in the Atlantic Ocean. However, the final news declared that his father had been one of the rescued.