Chapter Number 9 (GOOD-BYE MR. CHIPS)

                          CHAPTER # 9

Q.NO.1: Where did Chips shift after the death of his wife?

Answer: Chips was greatly dejected at the death of his wife. That’s why, he decided to shift to the bachelor quarter after the death of his wife and child.

Q.No.2: Who was Naylor? What did Chips remember about him?

Answer: Naylor had watched Chips’ game of five. He commented that Chips had played well in spite of being old. Chips thought if fifty was the age enough to be old.

Q.No.3: What were Chips’ ideas about Boers? OR Who were Boers?

Answer: Boers were the South Africans. Chips thought that they were engaged in a struggle that had a curious similarity to those of certain English history book heroes.

Q.No.4: What did Chips say to Lloyed George?                         

Answer: When Lloyd came as a Guest of Honour, Chips said that Lloyd had improved a lot. The head thought that Lloyd would mind it but Lloyd didn’t.

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