Chapter No. 8 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)


Q.NO.1: When did Katherine die? OR What were Chips’ feelings on the death of his wife? OR What was the effect of Katherine’s death on Chips?

Answer: Katherine died while giving birth to a child on April 1st, 1898. Chips was greatly shocked and pathetically said: “My wife is dead and my child is dead, and I wish I were dead myself.”

Q.NO.2: What did Chips receive on 1st of April?  OR How did Chips react to receive the letters of condolence? OR Was it a piece of April foolery?

Answer: On 1st of April, Chips received only blank sheets of paper as letters of condolence. He made no comments. It seemed to be a piece of April foolery to him but actually it was not.

Q.No.3: Why did Chips take the class on the day his wife and child died?

Answer: On the day his wife and his newborn child died, Chips took his class as usual because he wanted to forget the pain and grief of their death.

Q.No.4: Who was Faulkner? OR What did Faulkner ask Chips on the day his wife and child died?  OR What did Chips say in reply to Faulkner?

Answer: Faulkner was student at Brookfield. On the day Chips’ wife and child died, he asked Chips if he could get short leave to meet his parents. He asked Faulkner to go to blazes for he didn’t care anything.