Chapter No. 6 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)

Chapter No.6

Q.No.1: How much popular was Katherine at Brookfield? OR How did Katherine impress Brookfield?

Answer: Katherine was popular with the boys and masters alike. The wives of other masters were jealous of her but they could no longer resist her charms and began to like her.

Q.No.2: Write a note on Chips’ personality before marriage. OR What kind of fellow was Mr. Chips before marriage?

Answer: Before marriage, Chips was a dry sort of person. He was obeyed and respected. However, he had never been a source of love and inspiration for his students.

Q.NO.3: What role did Katherine play to change Mr. Chips’ life? OR Write a note on Katherine as a wife. OR How did Katherine change the boring and dry personality of Chips? OR What was the effect of marriage on Chip’s humour?

Answer: Katherine made him a new man. She broadened his views. She made him regular and punctual. She enriched his sense of humour. He began to make jokes with the boys.

Q.NO.4: What did Brookfield run in East London?

Answer: In East London, Brookfield was running a mission school to educate the poor children. The boys and their parents at Brookfield contributed generously with the funds to this school.

Q.NO.5: How did Katharine convince the school administration to play a match between Brookfield school and Missionary school? 

Answer: Katherine suggested the headmaster to invite the boys of mission school to play a soccer match with the boys of Brookfield. Everyone was against this suggestion. However, she convinced the authorities and the match was played.

Q.NO.6: How were the mission boys treated at Brookfield?

Answer: The mission school boys were treated very kindly at Brookfield. They were served with tea in the Dining Hall. Then, they met the Head. Chips saw them off at the railway station.

Q.No.7: Who was Gribble?

Answer: Gribble was an old fellow. He had been a school butler. He was the only one who remembered Katherine and could talk to Chips about her. After his retirement, nobody knew Katherine at Brookfield.

Q.NO.8: How was Chips honoured at Brookfield?

Answer: Chips had great respect at Brookfield. He was obeyed by everybody. He was considered part and parcel of Brookfield school because of his deep attachment with this institution.