16. GOD’S ATTRIBUTES (Jalaluddin Rumi)

16. GOD’S ATTRIBUTES (Jalal-ud-Din Rumi)

CONTEXT: In this poem the poet tells us about the three great attributes of God. These three attributes are “Seeing”, “Hearing” and “Knowing”. The poet advises us to have firm belief in these attributes of God. They can keep us away from committing sins. They are not artificial or so-called. They play an effective role in building our character.

EXPLANATION: LINES 1 TO 6: In these lines the poet says that God calls Himself “Seeing”. It means God can see everything. This attribute of God compels us to avoid sins. Whenever a man is ready to commit sin, he is afraid to think that God is seeing him. This feeling helps him in becoming a good person. Then the poet says that God calls Himself “Hearing”. It means what we are speaking or thinking in our mind, God can listen everything. Nothing is out of His reach. So, we must avoid foolish things and be quiet. Then the poet says that God calls Himself “Knowing”. It means whatever we think or do, God knows everything. So, we must avoid making plans to commit sins.

EXPLANATION: LINES 7 TO 10: In these lines the poet says that all the attributes of God are not accidental and unimportant. They are very significant. When a Negro is called camphor, it will be his accidental name because a Negro is black and camphor is a white substance. But, God’s names are derived from His attributes. They can help us a lot in building our character if we have firm belief in these attributes. They can become the cause of satisfaction and success not only in this world but the world hereafter.

Short Questions

Q.NO.1: Who has written this poem?

Answer: This poem has been composed by a great and renowned Muslim poet Jalal Din Rumi. He has been famous for lyricism in poetry.

Q.NO.2: What is the theme of the poem? OR How many attributes are mentioned in the poem? OR What are the effects of God’s attributes? OR How do these attributes help in refining the character of a person? (LHR-09, 11, BWP-07, 10, GW-10, DGK-10, FSD, SAR-11)

Answer: The poet in the poem describes God’s three attributes i.e. All Seeing, All Knowing and All Hearing. These three attributes prohibit us from committing sins.

Q.NO.3: What makes one scared of sinning? (BWP-07, 10, SAR-10,12, GW-12)

Answer: If a person believes that God is All Seeing, he avoids committing sins, he thinks that God is seeing all what he is doing. This belief in God’s attribute refrains him from doing evil deeds.

Q.NO.4: Do you think that these attributes of God are remembered and kept in mind by us in our daily routine work?

Answer: There are some who remember these attributes but most of us don’t. We plan evil designs and commit evil deeds. We should remember them and avoid sins.