A Visit To A Historical Place

2.  A Visit to a Historical Place
God says in the Holy Quran, “Travel on the earth and see the extremity of falsifiers.”
            In this age of materialism, a man is busy day and night like a machine. He is hankering after money and has no time to realize the fact that life should be enjoyed with all its charms and pleasures. He should spare some time for pleasure and recreation. Nature and its objects invite us to have relaxation and enjoyment. It is definitely a source of pleasure to be in the lap of nature.
What is this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?
            In this hurly-burly age, a picnic gives a chance to escape from monotonous routine of life. And a picnic to a historical place gives great pleasure because historical places are of great importance for the students. They enlighten the minds of the students with the culture and traditions of the past. They give the students a chance to have a glimpse into the past.
            Last week, our class teacher sketched out a picnic party for us. We decided to visit Jahangir’s Tomb as our picnic point. We reached the Jahangir’s Tomb in the morning at 10. The four magnificent minarets of the tomb presented a splendid view. There is a high wall and a big gate that guard the mausoleum. We soon entered the majestic edifice in which the Mughal Emperor lies buried.
            We came up to terrace and had a view of Lahore from there. Everyone was taking interest in the remarkable structure of the building, beauty of the lawns and historical significance of the Tomb.
At about 1 O’ clock, we sat under a shady tree, spread the table cloth on the ground and took the eatables which we had. In the grassy park, we played cricket for some time.
            In the evening, we packed our luggage and made our way home. Our hearts were saturated with pleasure. This visit has left everlasting impacts on our memory. (Words: 333)