4. End Of Term by David Daiches

4- END OF TERM (David Daiches)     

Questions & Answers (Based on Exercise)

Q. No. 1, 2: What was the writer’s attitude towards the weekend? Why did he long for it? OR What was the writer’s general view of the school life?

Answer: He considered the school life boring because of the school hours and the burden of home work. That’s why, he longed for the weekend because of two holidays.

Q. No. 3: The writer liked holidays for their freedom – freedom of what?

Answer: He liked holidays because they gave him freedom from large number of classes. They also gave him freedom from burden of home work and the school hours.

Q.No.4: How did he spend his summer holidays?  OR For what did the writer wait anxiously and why? 

Answer: The real holidays were the summer holidays. The writer always waited for them impatiently. He felt extremely excited and enjoyed freedom during these holidays.

Q. No. 5: “Wishes don’t come true in this life.” What are the things he longed for but could not have?

Answer: The writer wished for a tricycle and then a bicycle. He also wished to get some sweets and ice – cream but, he could never have them due to poverty of his parents.

Q. No. 6: What did he do with his pocket money?                

Answer: The writer and his siblings were not allowed to spend their pocket money for themselves. Their pocket money was put in moneybox and saved for the future tours.

                                    MORE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (PAST PAPERS)

Q. No. 1: What were the writer’s feelings on Friday? OR What was the importance of Friday night for the writer?   

Answer: He felt Friday morning very pleasant. It was rose coloured for him. Friday night was the best night of the week because it had two holidays before school.          

Q. No. 2: What were the writer’s feelings on Saturday and Sunday?

Answer: Saturday was pleasant for him. Saturday night had a full day ahead. Sunday was also pleasant with different flavour. But, Sunday night had threat of the Monday morning. 

Q. No. 3: What were the writer’s feelings about Christmas and Easter holidays? OR How long were the Christmas and Easter holidays?        

Answer:Christmas and Easter holidays gave him great pleasure. They were of three weeks each. He felt regret because these holidays were reduced to a fortnight and later mere to ten days.

Q. No. 4: When did the writer get his first bicycle?             

Answer: He bought his first bicycle at the age of twenty-one with the prize money that he had won when he was at university, Eden Berg.

Q.NO. 5: How did David Daiches wish whenever he saw sweet shops or some ice-cream barrow? (FB-2015

Answer: He stood outside some sweet shop and longed for few pennies to have some sweets. He also stood around an ice-cream barrow and thought that the ice-cream man would offer him free ice-cream.