3. Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed(Punctuation-Past Papers)

3. Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed (Punctuation-Past Papers)

Punctuation (Based on Exercise)

the town s empty but we found native life in the hills sir dark people yellow eyes the martians very friendly we talked a bit not much they learn english fast                        (RP-12)

Solution:“The town’s empty, but we found native life in the hills, sir. Dark people. Yellow eyes. The Martians. We talked a bit, not much. They learn English fast.”

Punctuation Important & Based on Past Papers

  1. What s wrong asked his wife let s get back on the rocket go back to the earth (RP-16)

Solution:“What’s wrong?” asked his wife. “Let’s get back on the rocket.” “Go back to the Earth?”

  1. chin up harry said his wife it s too late we ve come over sixty million miles

Solution: “Chin up, Harry,” said his wife. “It’s too late. We’ve come over sixty million miles.”

  1. i feel like a salt crystal he said in a mountain stream being washed away we don’t belong here were earth people this is mars                                                             (MN-15)

Solution:“I fell like a salt crystal,” he said, “in a mountain stream, being washed away. We don’t belong here. We’re Earth people. This is Mars.”

  1. safe and insane nonsense mr bittering looked out of the windows we re clean decent people

Solution: “Safe and insane!” “Nonsense!” “Mr. Bittering looked out of the windows. “We’re clean, decent people.”

  1. are you sure laura asked the father quietly laura wept were stranded on mars forever and ever                                                             (FB-14)

Solution:“Are you sure, Laura?” asked the father quietly. Laura wept. “We’re stranded on Mars, forever and ever!”

  1. children he said sitting there looking beyond them i ve something to tell you we know they said

Solution: “Children,” he said, sitting there, looking beyond them, “I’ve something to tell you.” “We know,” they said.

  1. look he said to them you did hear the news the other day did nt you

Solution: “Look,” he said to them. “You did hear the news, the other day, didn’t you?”

  1. but you must want to go back have you noticed the peach blossoms the onions the grass                                                             (BP-8)

Solution:“But you must want to go back. Have you noticed peach blossoms, the onions, the grass?

  1. is that so harry sam said casually and you re taller and thinner you might be right harry                                                             (GW-6)

Solution:“Is that so, Harry?” Sam said, casually. “And you’re taller and thinner-” “You might be right, Harry.”

  • now look what youve done said sam a moment later you ve broken my mirror(GW-7)

Solution: “Now look what you’ve done,” said Sam a moment later. “You’ve broken my mirror.”

  • i worked in a shop once when i was twenty i know metal once i get it started the other will help he said                                     (RP-15)

Solution:“I worked in a shop once, when I was twenty. I know metal. Once I get it started, the other will help,” he said.

  • it s time to go back said cora yes but we re not going ha said quietly there s nothing any more

Solution: “It’s time to go back,” said Cora. “Yes, but we’re not going,” he said quietly. “There’s nothing anymore.”

  • they didn’t know any better his wife mused such ugly people im glad they ve gone                                                 (FB-15)

Solution:“They didn’t know any better, “his wife mused. “Such ugly people. I’m glad they’ve gone.”