16. Corona Pandemic/ Covid-19

“The riots that appear on the earth are the result of men’s wrong doings.”

Corona virus or Covid-19 is an infectious disease. It is a respiratory disease that spreads through the droplets when a person infected with this disease sneezes or coughs. It may also be caused by the droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. This disease was unknown in the world before it started in Wuhan, a city of China. After that, it spread through all over the world.

           This virus can cause a great range of symptoms. Mild illness to pneumonia, fever, cough, sore throat  and headache  are its common symptoms. However, in severe cases, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and loss of speech or movement become its major symptoms and can cause the death of the sufferer. It takes 5-6 days to show its symptoms. However, it can show up to 14 days. More than 6 lacs deaths have occurred due to this disease.

        Covid-19 has shaken  the very foundation  of the whole world. There is no country which has not faced this calamity . All the activities of every individual came to an end. He had to remain in the four walls of the house. All the schools, colleges, mills, factories, shops, bazaars, means of transportation, trade, and showbiz industry stopped working. The people of same family stopped meeting each other and even could not shake hands with each other. The Muslim families had to face problems in offering prayer. The Muslims except the local people at Saudia Arabia could not perform Hajj and Umrah. The advanced countries have the power to compensate  their loss as soon as possible but the under developed countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives Afghanistan will have to make strenuous efforts to compensate their economical loss. “Sometimes, it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster.”

        This disease has no treatment. Efforts are being made on a large scale  to find a remedy  for its cure. However some precautionary measures can be adopted to avoid this disease unless the discovery of the specific medicine is made. “Prevention is better than cure.” These precautionary measures are following.

1.       We must clean our hands as many times as possible.

2.       We must avoid the company of a person having cough or fever.

3.       We must maintain social distancing while having a meeting with anyone.

4.       If it is difficult to maintain social distancing, we must use mask.

5.       We must stay at home if we are not feeling well.

6.  When we cough or sneeze, we must cover our mouth and nose with some tissue. If tissue is not available, bent elbow can be used.

These precautionary measures can save not only the life of an individual but also the lives of so many persons who may be attacked by this disease.