2. Clearing in the Sky (Jesse Stuart)


Q.NO.l: Why didn’t the old man follow the advice of the doctors?

Answer: He did not follow the advice of the doctors because of these reasons.

  1. He had to raise a family of five children.
  2. He thought that if he followed the advice of the doctors, he would certainly fall ill.

Q.NO.2: What had the doctors told the old man?   

Answer: The doctors did not advise him rather they warned him to avoid hard work because he had a weak heart and would die soon due to over work.

Q.NO.3: Where did the old man take his son?              

Answer: The old man took his son to the top of the mountain where he had grown vegetables on a farm. He wanted to show his son his achievement.

Q.No.4: Had the son ever been there before?           

Answer: Yes, the son had been on the highest point of his father’s farm many times before except the last three years. He had never seen anything extraordinary there.

Q.NO.5: What were the names of the vegetables the old man grew on his farm?

Answer: He grew dozen rows of potatoes, tomatoes, yams and pumpkins on the highest point of his farm. Earlier, he also grew beans and pumpkins.

Q.NO.6: Why did the old man take the steep path?               

Answer: The old man took the steep path to enhance his lost energy and test his physical fitness. With the help of it, he also proved his doctors wrong.

Q.NO.7: Why did the son at the age of six cry?          

Answer: At six, he lost the wooden plough made by his father in a furrow. His father made another wooden plough for him. However, he did not like the second one.

Q.NO.8: What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?

Answer: He had great feelings at the age of seventy. He wanted to visit those places he knew and loved and to climb up the mountains though he was a heart patient.

Q.NO.9: Why had the old man planted his secret garden? 

Answer: The old man had planted his secret garden because his family did not allow him to plant this secret garden because of his weak heart.