City Life OR Life In A Big City (Weak & Average Students)

A city is the product of modern civilization. It is the area where people live in a large number. In cities, the people remain busy the whole day. Even at night, the people remain busy and most of the areas in city are crowded.
“A city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo.”
            A city provides all the facilities to its inhabitants. Educational facilities are enviable. Schools, colleges, universities and technical institutes are in abundance. All these institutes provide education according to international standards. In so far as the health facilities are concerned, there are hospitals equipped with modern instruments. There are great facilities of transportation and fast communication. There are parks and cinema houses for the recreation of the people. All sorts of eatables are available in city. Usually the roads and streets are wide and neat.
             A city offers great chances of progress. From a specialist to a layman, all can find something of their interest in life. Most of the thinkers, poets, philosophers and writers live in big cities.
But a city has many drawbacks also. Most of the people in cities are selfish and greedy.  They are not hospitable. Robberies, thefts, terrorism, adultery, and sexual perversion are common in a city. We do not look in our great cities for our best morality.” Smoke of factories and the vehicles causes environmental pollution. Nothing pure is available. The people live in small houses. In this way, they are deprived of fresh air and open atmosphere.
“What I like about cities is that everything is king size,
the beauty and the ugliness.” (Brodsky)
            Some suitable steps can make the city life worth-seeing. First of all, steps should be taken to provide people fresh air and clean water. Proper arrangements for plantation should be made. The moral sense of the people should be awakened to make city life enviable. But all these steps can never be successful individually. Collective efforts should be made to make city life worth-living. (Words: 333)