2. Channels of Communication OR Communication Flow OR Main Forms of Organizational Business Communication

Main Forms of Organizational Business Communication
Question. No.2: What is a communication flow? OR Explain the channels of communication?
Answer:Business communication is a two way process. It can be both internal as well as external.
·        1. Internal Communication:
            It means the communication within the organization. It is related to the structural set-up of a business concern. Its main purpose is to run the organization smoothly. It is of three kinds.
·        A. Downward Communication:
In this type of communication, the management takes decisions, frames policies and issues job directions in order to run the business affairs in a smooth way. Then these policies, decisions and instructions are conveyed to lower level for the implementation. The lower staff also gets knowledge of their rights, promotions salaries and so on. This type of communication is very important especially in hard times. Downward messages can be delivered through memos, E-mail and newsletters etc.
·        B. Upward Communication:
It is as vital as downward communication. In this type of communication, the managers and executives must know what is going on in the organization. They must have the knowledge of the complaints of their employees. If they do so, smooth running of a business organization becomes a must because then new policies will definitely be framed and implemented.
·        C. Horizontal Communication:
This communication is between peers. It flows from one department to another. The main objective of this communication is to discuss the complex problems which an organization faces. In this way, it gives executives a chance to exchange ideas and make policies to take some solids steps for the betterment of an organization.
·        2. External Communication:
In this type of communication, messages are sent outside the organization. It establishes a link between the organization and customers, venders, investors and journalists etc. The managing department and public relation department are particularly important in managing the flow of external communication. No business organization can flourish without trading with other organizations to trade with. It is only communication that cements the relationship between the business organizations.