1. Button,Button (Richard Matheson)

Questions & Their Answers (Based on Exercise)

Q.NO.l: Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive?

Answer: Norma considered his tone offensive because she did not want to attend anybody. But, he insisted on meeting her. Moreover, he was an unbidden guest.

Q.NO.2: Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?

Answer: Arthur disagreed with his wife because he was a kind-hearted person. He called it a murder to kill some unknown person for the sake of money.

Q.NO.3: Why did Norma persuade her husband to agree with her?

Answer: Norma persuaded her husband to agree with her because she wanted to get 50,000 dollars at any cost to improve their life style but Arthur did not agree with her.

Q.NO.4: What were the reasons Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer?

Answer: Norma gave the following reasons.

  1. She told her husband that it might be some psychological research.
  2. She told her husband that some strange millionaire might be doing so.

Q.NO.5: Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma?

Answer: Steward continued persuading Norma and wanted Norma to do that experiment because he had already judged her greedy nature. In the end, he succeeded to convince her.

Q.NO.6: What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?

Answer: On pushing the button, Norma received the message of her husband’s death from Lenox Hill Hospital. It was shocking and heart-rending news for her.

Q.NO.7: What is the significance of Arthur’s life insurance policy?

Answer: Arthur’s life insurance policy of 25000 dollars was very significant because same amount of money was offered by Steward to push the button unit.

Q.NO.8:   Did Norma remain Normal on hearing the news of the accident of her husband?

Answer: No, Norma did not remain normal. She could neither seem to breathe nor walk. She began to smash the button unit on the sink edge.

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