4. APPLICATION FOR FEE-CONCESSION (Applications for Average and Weak Students)


The Principal,

Government College,

(City) A. B.C.

Subject:        Request for Fee Concession


Most respectfully, I beg leave to state that I submitted forms for admission in the first year two days ago. I have been asked to pay my admission fee. Sir, I cannot pay my fee because I belong to a poor family. My father earns his living on daily wages. He has also advised me to discontinue my studies and join him in his work or learn some skills to earn a living. Sir, I am fond of getting education. I got the first position in matriculation at the Tehsil level. I want to become a doctor in the future. I request you to give me a full fee concession so that I may be able to continue my studies.

I shall be greatly thankful to you for this favour.

Dated: August 15, 2019                                                                                                                                 Yours obediently,