Additional Questions Past Papers-All Boards for First Year

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم



اللہ کے نام سے شروع جو نہایت مہربان رحم کرنے والا ہے۔

The Lord of destiny is Allah عزوجل. Leave it to HIM.

               (Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianavi Q.A)

قسمت کا مالک اللہ عزوجل ہے اسے اللہ پر چھوڑ دو۔

 (حضرت ابو انیس محمد برکت علی لدھیانوی قدس سرۃالعزیزؒ)



1. Button, Button


Q.No.1: Who is the writer of the story: “Button, Button?”          
Q.No.2: Who was Mr. Steward? OR What did Mr. Steward tell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis about the button unit? What did Steward say when Arthur asked about the function of the bell-unit dome?                     (SG-13, FB-11)
Q.No.3: What was written on the piece of paper?                                                    (LR-12)
Q.No.4: What was written on the card given by Mr. Steward?                            (FSD-15)
Q.No.5: Why did Norma telephone Mr. Steward?                                                     (FSD-15)
Q.No.6: Why didn’t Norma remain true to her husband? (SG-08) OR What kind of woman is Norma?                              (DG-12)
Q.No.7: What moral lesson does the story teach us?                                     (MN-10)            
  1. Clearing in the Sky


Q.No.1: Who is the writer of the story?
Q.No.2: Describe the physical appearance of the old man.                                    (V.IMP)
Q.No.2: How did the old man feel about the land?                                                   (FB-16)
Q.No.3: What did the people comment when the old man bought that little farm on the mountaintop? OR What did everybody say when the old man bought that farm?                                                                                 (V.IMP)
Q.No.4: Why had the old man fenced that land?                                                       (V.IMP)
Q.No.5: What moral lesson does the story teach?                                                    (V.IMP)
  1. Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed


Q.No.1: Who is the writer of the story “Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed?”
Q.No.2: How social were the people of Mars?                                             (V.IMP)
Q.No.3: What did the man feel about himself after landing on the Mars?      (V.IMP)
Q.No.4: Why was his wife Cora not ready to return to Earth?                              (V.IMP)
Q.No.5: What was the shocking news Laure told her parents? OR What radio news frightened Laura?  (V.IMP)
Q.No.6: What did the Bittering family feel on the Mars after attack on Earth?                                          (V.IMP)
Q.No.7: What changes did Bittering find in himself when he saw the mirror?                                            (V.IMP)
Q.No.8: What did the lieutenant report? OR What are the qualities of Martians noted by the rescuers? OR How many people lived in the ruins of the hills?              (V.IMP)
1 What did the woman do when the boy fell? (BP-11)
2 Why had the boy tried to snatch her purse? (RP-15)  OR What did he want to buy?
3 What did the woman tell the boy about her youth? (BP-17)
4 What advice did she give the boy when he was leaving? (DG-12)


1 What did the diners discuss? (FB-11)
2 What was the public statement made by drumbeater? (DG-12)
3 What were the comments of Mayor about Mr. Manana?(RP-12)
4 Why was there no use in Mr. Hubert’s protesting? OR What was the use of his protesting? (LR-12)
5 What was engraved on his tomb years after his death? (BP-08,RP-14,GW-16,FB-17)


1 What did Terbut think was needed for success in life? (LR-12)
2 How can a man become a skating champion without having the money to get there? (RP-17)
3 What initiative did the man take to achieve his target? OR Why did he go into politics? (MN-17) OR Who entered into politics? (GW-07)
4 What kind of Gorgios’ uniform was? (MN-14)
5 What happened when he came to the first hurdle? (DG-10)


1 What was the condition of the sick girl? How did the sick child look by appearance?(MN-11,BP-14)
2 For how long had she been suffering from fever? (BP-13)
3 What happened when the doctor moved his chair a little nearer? OR What was the result of the sick girl’s attack on the doctor’s eyes? (MN-12)
4 What had the doctor to have for her protection? OR Why did the doctor need throat-cultures? (BP-14)
5 What was the reaction of the girl when the doctor tried to insert the wooden tongue depressor between her teeth? What did the girl do when the doctor tried to insert the wooden blade into her mouth?


6 How did the doctor succeed in throat of the girl? (RP-13)


1 What does Emerson say about Sheikh Sa’di? (MN-15)
2 What does Emerson think of the Gulistan? (FB-10)
3 What has Edwin Arnold described Gulistan in culinary terms? (SG-10,RP-13,14)
4 What did the slave begin to do when the boat began to toss? OR How did the Persian slave create inconvenience for other passengers? (LR-12)
5 Why did the sergeant order to throw the slave into water? (DG-10,17)
6 Who was Nushirvan? For what was he famous? (GW-09)
7 Why did the king order to pay for the salt? (GW-14)
8 Why did Qazi issue the decree to shed the blood of the boy? (FB-14,GW-16)


1 What happened to the camel that entered the melon field? (SL-17)
2 How did the owner of the camel cure the camel? (SL-17)
3 What did the one of the villagers suggest instead of taking the quack of the king? Or how did the villagers punish the quack? (LR-17)
4 What did the quack say when he had overtaken the camel men? (BP-12)
5 What lesson did the camel man teach the man when he came to? (SG-10)


1 For what purpose was the ploughshare used? (BP-08,MN-15)
2 What news did old Stephen bring for Margaret from the farm? Or what did old Stephen say to Margaret? (LR-12,RP-13)
3 What and why men /labourers hope then? (SL-14)



1 What were slums and ghettos? (RP-17)
2 What is the fourth part of the dream? What is his hope about his four little children? (LR-12)
3 What is hoped concerning the state of Alabama about black and white children? (DG-12,RP-12)
4 What should America do if it is to become a great nation? Or what does Luther wish about America? (RP-13)
5 Who was Martin Luther King Jr? (FB-17)


1 Who were the Magi? (LR-12,RP-13,GW-14,DG,RP-17)
2 How had Della saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy a gift for Jim? (BP-08,SG-10,RP-14)



1 How would live before marriage? (BP-10,DG-12,DG-14,SG-15)
2 What was Abul’s condition on seeing his daughter’s bare feet? (FB-15)
3 Why did his prayers become intense and prolonged when his daughter Mehrun reached the age of 14? (SG-10) 
4 Who was Chaudhry Fatehdad? Why did he scold Abul? (SG-13,GW-17)
5 What did Chaudhry Fatehdad present him once a year? Or when did Ch. Fatehdad give new clothes to Maulvi Abul? (BP-09,DG,-10,GW-17)
6 Who opened a small cloth shop in the village? (LR-09)
7 Who was Shamim Ahmed and why did he go to the city? (MN-11,12,13,GW,RP-14)
8 What did Shamim Ahmed do in the city? (GW-14)
9 Why did Shamim beg of Maulvi Abul? Who inaugurated the shop? (LR-09)
10 What was the total saving of Maulvi Abul? (BP-13)
11 What did he see when he reached Shamim Ahmed’s shop? (SL-14)
12 What sort of cloth did he select to purchase? Or what did Maulvi Abdul buy from Shamim Ahmed’s shop. (MN-14)
13 What present did the Chaudhry give him for his daughter? (RP-13)
14 How did Shamim Ahmed celebrate the marriage ceremony? (FB-11,LR-15,16)
15 Why were the people bewildered at the exhibition of dowry? (DG-10)
16 What did the old hag say about the dowry? (MN-10)
17 What were the two sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul? (BP-08,DG-17)


1 What was the young man wearing? (MN-16)
2 Impressed by his appearance, what did the Tonga Wallas do? (BP-12)
3 What induced people to seek comfort in pleasure? (DG-17)
4 What did the young man ask the boy who was selling pen and cigarettes? What did he purchase from the boy? (LR-12)
5 What happened when the young man started walking hurriedly after the couple? Or How did the young man die? (DG-16)
6 Why did the young man follow the couple closely? (RP-14)
7 What was the condition of the young man after the accident when was he taken to the hospital? OR in what state was the young man taken of the hospital? (MN-11)
8 What did nurse Shehnaz say to Nurse gill when the young man was lying is the casualty? (BP-17)
9 What was found underneath the overcoat? (DG-10,MN-17)
10 What happened when overcoat was removed from young man’s body? (GW-16,FB-17)


1 What was the vexing dream that the author saw? (DG-11)
2 Whose throbbing sound of wings did he hear? (RP-14)
3 What did the recording angel acknowledge? Why was he tired? (SG-17)
4 Why has he often thought of keeping a diary? (MN-17)
5 What did he send to the charity bazaar? (BP-12)
6 What did he remind the angel about four balcony seats? (RP-12)


1 Where does the play take place? (SG-14) OR Where did the scene take place? OR What is the scene of the play? (MN-12)
2 What is the condition of the Girl when she enters? (SG-12,MN-13,FB-14, BP,MN-15,AK-16)
3 Why has the Girl locked the door? (BP-14)
4 What did the Girl see in the lightning on the road? (MN-14)
5 What happed to the Girl when her car ran out of gas? (LR-11)OR What did the Girl see while walking along the road? (LR-12,GW,LR-17) What was the man dragging out of the car? (BP-14)
6 Where did she lose her flashlight? OR What did the girl drop when she saw the horrible scene. (SG-10)
7 What could the Girl hear behind her? (MN-13)
8 Narrate the escape scene of the Girl. (LR-12, RP-14,LR-17)
9 Why does the Girl not like to go to the police station? (FB-09,MN-11,RP-12,LR-13,MN-14,LR-16,BP-17)
10 Why does the First Man ask so many questions about the features and dress of the killer? OR Why is the First Man so keen about the Girl’s affair? (BP-17) OR Why does the Man ask the Girl again and again to go to the police? (LR-09)
11 What type of person is the Second Man? OR How did the Second Man look? (MN-11,GW-14,RP-17)
12 What is the irony when the Second Man says that the girl is smarter than the First Man? (LR-13)
13 Why does the Girl let out a muffled cry? (RP-14)
14 How does the Second Man help the Girl get over her fear of lightning? (FB-15) OR How does second man persuade the girl to see the lightning? (SG-10, MN-14)
15 What does the dog do? (FB-14) OR How was the girl saved in the end? (RP-13)
16 Why was the girl frightened to tell the details of the incident? (BP-09)
17 When and how does the girl realize that the First Man is the Killer? (BP-14)
18 How did the First Man deal with the girl when she asked for help? (BP-09)
19 How is the girl saved in the end? (BP-09,15) OR How did she succeed in escaping from the killer? (SG-12,MN-15,SL-17) OR What is the role of the dog? (MN-13)
20 What is the name of the writer of the play “Heat Lightning”? (MN-14)



1 Where does the play take place? (FB-09)
2 How is the room decorated? (GW-10)
3 What is Roger Spelding doing when play starts? (BP-08,SG-14,BP-15)
4 What happens to Ellen?
5 What does Spelding speak into microphone about the flying object? OR What announcement does Spelding make? (FB-10,LR-12,SG-14,MN-15,RP-16) OR What is the official view about flying object? (RL-12,RP-16)
6 What does Spelding say to his daughter regarding his broadcast? (SG-14)
7 Which virtue does John lack in? OR What is Spelding’s estimate of John? (GW-11, MN-13. SL-15) OR What did Spelding think about? (MN,DG-13,16) OR Why does Spelding hate John? (RP-14)
8 What does Ellen say in response to Spelding’s remark about John? OR How does Ellen defend John? (LR-11)
9 What does Spelding say about his daughter’s marriage? (FB-09,GW-14)
10 What is optical illusion? (MN-11,RP-12,MN-16)
11 How large is the object that lands? (MN-11)
12 Where does the flying object land at last? (SG-10,LR-13)
13 How does the visitor look like? (RP-14)
14 How is the visitor dressed? (GW-14)
15 Why does John think that Kreton might be an English? (SG-12)
16 Why does the visitor say he has come for on the earth? OR What is Kreton’s hobby? (BP_10,DG-13)
17 What is Kreton’s revelation about Earth and Earth People? (BP-10,FB-10)
18 What type of uniform does Kreton prefer to wear? LR-12,GW-14)
19 What does Powers say to his AIDE? (SG-12)
20 What does Kreton say about the earth people and his own people? (GW-14) OR What does Kreton Know about the earth? (DG-15)
21 Why does Kreton call the people of earth poor ‘fragile butterflies?’(FB-10,GW-10,GW-11)
22 Which details does AIDE give about the flying object? OR How does AIDE describe the flying object? (FB-10,BP-11) OR How do you describe the spaceship? (MN-13,AK,GW-16)
23 Why does AIDE not allow John to use the telephone? (SG-10,FB,LR-12)
24 What does Kreton tell General Powers what he is thinking? (BP,FB-14,RP-16,RP-17)
25 What does Kreton say when General Powers asks him why he is there? OR Why do Kreton’s people not travel much? (LR-13)
26 What does Kreton say about human emotions? (LR-13,SG-14)
27 OR How does Ellen look? (RP-13)



1 What type of play is “The Oyster And The Pearl?” (BP-10,MN-11)
2 What does it reflect? OR What is the theme of the play?(GW-10)
3 What type of women visit Harry’s shop? (GW-10)
4 What do the children think about the girl? (GW-14)
5 Why does Harry forbid the girl (Miss McCutcheon)to whisper? (GW-10,DG-17)
6 Why did Harry wear various hats? (BP-09)
7 Why do Clark and his wife quarrel? (BP-09,LR-14)
8 What was the wish of Clark Larabee about his children? (SG-12)
9 Does Harry follow his own philosophy? (GW-11)
10 What is the name of the writer of the play “The Oyster and the Pearl?” (BP-14)



1 How does the poem stir our aesthetic sense? OR What impression does the sound of rain falling leaves give to the poet? (DG-11)
2 Why does the poet call the upper leaves the rich leaves? (BP-08,GW-10,DG-10,DG-17) OR what is meant by rich leaves? (GW-13,RP-14,SG-15,BP,SG-17)
3 What does the word “Poor” mean in the third line of the poem? (GW-17)
4 How does rain water fall on the poor leaves? (SG-15) OR How does the poet feel when he hears the rain falling on the leaves? (FB,BP-09,SG,LR-15,MN,LR-16)
5 What is sweet to hear? (FB-09)
6 What will happen after the rain stops? (SG-16) OR Why does the poet hope to have a lovely sight after the rain.? (SG-07,MN-ii,-i-07,LR-i-07,LR-i-07, LR-08,DG-08,SG-08, BP-08,FB-11,13,BP-13)
7 How does the sun rise after rain? (DG-15)
8 How does the scenery look after rain? (LR-09,DG-14,FB-16)
9 How do you feel after reading the poem “The Rain?” (BP-10) OR What kind of feelings does the rain create? (FB-12)
1 Enumerate the various duties that Night Mail performs. (MN-08,15) OR What function does Night Mail perform? (MN-15) What are the main characteristics of Night Mail? (GW-16)
2 What does the Night Mail bring? (MN-11,LR-11,SG,DG-12,RP-13,14,FB,SL-14,BP,FB, -15 BP,MN,RP,-16,SG-17)
3 What sort of letters does the Night Mail bring? OR For whom does “Night Mail” bring mail? (BP-08)
4 How do the birds react as the Night Mail approaches them? (LR-09,BP-08,BP-10,SG-12,MN,RP-14) OR What is the affect of Night Mail on birds? (BP,FB-12)
5 How do the sheep-dogs react at the approaching Night Mail? (LR-06,LR,MN,SG-08,FB-09,BP-10,FB,GW-12,LR-13,RP-16)
6 Which thing gently shakes in the bedroom when the Night Mail passé by the farm?(GW-10,BP-11,RP,SG-13,BP-14,FB-16)
7 The poet calls the coaches of the mail ‘blank-faced’. What does it mean? (SG-08,AK-08, BP-13,LR-14)
8 What qualities of the Night Mail have been described in the poem? (FB-09,GW-14,MN-12,SG-16)
1 What is the loveliest of all the trees? (RP-14)
2 How does the cherry look? (SG,BP-07,MN-07,LR-08,MN-i-08,AK-08,BP-10,MN,LR-12,GW-13,DG-17) ORHow is cherry depictedby the poem? (DG-12,GW15) OR Why is the fascinated by the Cherry? (FB-15)
3 What does three score years and ten mean? (MN-08)
4 How long does the poet expect to live? OR What is the expected age of man? (RP-12, MN-15)
5 How many years of life has the poet spent? (SL-14)
6 Are fifty years a fairly long period to look at things in bloom? (BP-08)
7 How does the poet plan to spend the remaining fifty years of his life? (LR-15) OR Why does the poet wish a longer life? (LR-14)
8 What is Easter? (BP-15) OR What is the importance of Easter? (LR-08,FB-10)
9 The cherry is covered with snow. What does it mean? (LR-09,GW-14)
1 What type of poem is this? (MN-14)
2 What do the Reader and Rider stand for? (BP-07,GW-10,DG-10,GW-13,DG,RP-16)
3 What does the reader say to the Rider? (LR,SG-07,BP-I,MN,DG,BP-ii,RP-08,SG-17)OR What did the reader tell the rider about the valley? (LR,RP-13) OR How does the reader frighten/discourage the rider? (GW,MN-15,RP-17)
4 What does the ‘Fearer’ say to ‘Farer’ in the second stanza of the poem? (BP-08,GW-10)
5 How does the ‘Horror’ try to stop/frighten the ‘Hearer’ from his journey? (SG-12)
6 What is meant by the phrase, “When the furnaces burn”? (DG-16)
7 What lesson does the poet convey to his readers? OR What is the message of the poem? (SG-15)
8 How does the Rider shake off the superstitions and dangers? (BP-09,GW-14)
9 What are qualities of the Rider? (MN-08,GW-09,SL-17) OR What type of the person is the rider? (DG-12)
10 How does the reader discourage the rider? (FB-13) OR What three dangers does the reader mention in the first stanza? (SL-14)


1 “The children forget the dark street. “ What does it mean? OR Why do little black children forget all about their problems. (GW-09,FB-10)