A FARMER AND HIS SONS (Moral Stories in English)


        Storytelling is as old as man. It has been one of the greatest sources of preaching moral values because every story is written with some moral purpose. All the prophets, the saints, religious scholars and teachers have been adopting it as a source of preaching any kind of morality. If one follows the lesson preached in the story, one can avoid many perils and problems. The story “A Farmer and His Sons” also gives us a sublime moral lesson.

         Once there was an old farmer. He had three sons. They always quarreled among themselves. The farmer was much worried. He wanted to see unity among his sons before his death. One day, he sent for his sons. He gave them a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break it. His sons tried their best to break the sticks but failed. The farmer laughed at their efforts. Then, he untied the bundle of sticks and asked his sons to break the sticks. This time, they broke the sticks easily. It was a great time for the farmer to advise his sons. He said to his sons that the sticks were strong when they were tied together but they were breakable when they were separated. His advice had a great effect on his sons. After this, they never quarreled. The farmer also recovered his health.  We learn from the story: “Union is strength.”


1. Union is strength. 

2. United you stand, divided you fall. 


  1. Never use the moral lesson as the title of the story. The title must be pure title. It should be “The Farmer and His Sons”, “The Farmer and His Three Sons” “A Farmer and His Sons” or “The Farmer and His Sons.” Whatever the title you have read, follow that specific title.
  2. Most of the moral stories have more than one moral lesson. Sometimes, the students try to write more than one moral lesson. In doing so, they make mistakes. I would advise them to write the specific moral lesson in which they have been asked to write a story.