7. The Use of Force


Q.NO.l: What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?

Answer: They were nervous and looking at the doctor distrustfully. They were so upset that they were not telling the doctor more than they had to.

Q.NO.2: What was the behaviour of the child with the doctor?

Answer: Her behaviour with the doctor was rude, offensive and non-cooperative. She was not ready to show her throat to the doctor.

Q.No.3: She had a fever for three days, hadn’t she? 

Answer: Yes, the girl had a fever for three days due to throat disease. But she was afraid of the doctor’s treatment and was not ready to show her throat to the doctor.

Q.NO.4: Did the girl change her expression when the doctor said, “Does your throat hurt you?”                                 

Answer: No, the girl’s expression did not change. She neither moved nor lifted her eyes from the doctor’s face. There was no expression on her face.

Q.NO.5: Why did the doctor call the girl by her first name? 

Answer: The doctor called her by her first name because he wanted to win her sympathy. It was the best professional manner and psychological trick by the doctor.

Q.NO.6: Did the girl promptly respond to the instruction of the doctor?

Answer: The girl did not respond promptly to the doctor even the doctor showed her his hands that he had nothing in his hands but she proved herself obdurate.

Q.NO.7: Why did the parents rebuke her?              

Answer:  The parents rebuked her because she attacked the doctor, knocked his glasses and let them roll on the kitchen floor.

Q.NO.8: What was the threat the doctor gave to the child for not showing her throat?

Answer: The doctor threatened her that she would be taken to hospital or the doctor would open her mouth by force if she did not show her throat.

Q.NO.9: Why did she break the wooden blade?           

Answer: The doctor forcefully inserted the blade into her mouth to open it. She broke it to show her anger and as a sign of protest.

Q.NO.10: What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?

Answer: The tonsils of the girl were covered with a thin layer of membrane. She had breathing trouble.  She was suffering from diphtheria.